The Wonderful review of 2nd BlueSAO International


The Wonderful review of 2nd BlueSAO International Workshop

BlueSAO orthopedic training, the nation's leading small animal orthopedics training course

More and more choice of orthopedic surgeons.

The course introduces three major themes.

Teaching in English.

A four-day course

First day

At 7:30 on May 6th, 2019, 26 orthopedic surgeons from 11 countries went to the Anhui Blue Small Animal Orthopaedic Training Base from the hotel.This is the second issue after BlueSAO successfully held an international workshop of orthopedics in May 2018.

This international workshop has both familiar old friends and new students who choose the BlueSAO brand.

Relying on the innovative orthopaedic equipment products of China, the rapid development of small animal orthopedic technology in China is attracting more and more foreign veterinarians to study in China!

During the break, the doctors have a strong interest in the products of BlueSAO,

and the excellent quality of the products has been well received by foreign doctors.

A course around the PRCL locking bone plate system began in the afternoon.

Let more doctors understand and learn the PRCL locking bone plate system, let the world know China's progressive small animal orthopedic technology. Under the full guidance of Prof.

Zhou Luoping, Li Derong, Zhang Xiaofeng, Beremiz Sanchez Salazar and Rafael Bstrada Gonzalez, the doctors have more precise details and a more thorough understanding of the use of the PRCL locking bone plate system.

At the end of the first day of the workshop, doctors around the world are eager to learn and look forward to learning tomorrow.

Second day

The second day of the BlueSAO Orthopaedic International Workshop:

The theme of the first class was the Interlocking Nail system, which was officially opened by Dr. Zhou Luoping at eight o'clock.

Theory + case analysis, let the students understand the essence of the Interlocking Nail system more thoroughly!

After the theory class, it is the workshop course of Interlocking Nail system.

In the process of hands-on practice, the students can better remove suspects and blind spots.

The teacher team has also been accompanied, answering questions for the students, so that each student can really apply what they have learned!

After the actual operation, students from various countries show their works.

Lunch break,General Manager Lifeng led the students from various countries to visit the BlueSAO factory.BlueSAO, one of the two HyProtect silver ion bone plate manufacturers in the world.

Products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Finland and the United States.

Leading mechanical equipment, exquisite craftsmanship, and the excellent quality of the past.

After the afternoon of the theory class, it is the workshop course of PGR.

The teacher team guides the students one-to-one to guide the cutting position of the pulley groove, the installation details of the implanted prosthesis substrate, etc...

Every step of the teacher carefully explained to ensure that every doctor can master the essentials of the trochlear replacement.

Student's work:

Third day

The first course of the third day was a trochlear replacement course brought by Dr. Beremiz from Mexico.

The second lesson was another important topic brought by Teacher Zhou Luoping, TPLO.

From the animal species, the structure of the knee joint, and the biomechanics, Mr. Zhou explained the generation and diagnosis details of the anterior cruciate ligament rupture from the shallower to the deeper.

In the afternoon, Mr. Zhou Luoping gave the doctors a pre-operative measurement plan and surgical procedure for TPLO.

Each detail will be explained with his rich clinical experience.

The main points of TPLO surgery will be analyzed at the same level, so that every foreign doctor can learn the essence of this surgery.

The BlueSAO International Workshop TPLO Practical Course officially begins!

Undertake the theoretical course in the morning, Mr. Zhou Luoping brings meticulous practical exercises, explains the main points of TPLO surgery, and shares his rich clinical experience!

The quality of the Workshop is crucial, professional tools and teacher guidance are indispensable.

TPLO Workshop, high simulation joint bone model, special straight handle TPLO saw, the world's lightest JIG, pure titanium TPLO bone plate with perfect fit angle, has been unanimously recognized and praised by doctors all over the world.

Each teacher has the hands-on guidance to ensure that every doctor can master the essentials of surgery. 

TPLO dry practice results

Behind every successful practical product, there is a meticulous teaching and guidance from the teacher.

It also embodies the passion of each doctor and the enthusiasm of the veterinarian.

Learning without borders, because we have a common goal: work hard to improve the welfare of small animals!

On the fourth day, summarize the first three days of the course to consolidate the knowledge points of this training.

Fully guarantee practical practice

High-end, comprehensive base hardware facilities to provide students with a better learning environment.

Warm and thoughtful service team

Reception, teaching assistant, sales, logistics, and dedication to bring better service to all students

I wish all of you a success in learning and gain more success stories!

BlueSAO will continue to help the development of small animal orthopedics as always!

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