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20201017 -【Comminuted fracture of distal femur】A British Shorthair cat, fixed with PRCL-S system successfully

Jinan Leiou Animal HospitalDr. Su2020-11-11 73

A British Shorthair cat, 8 months old, female, 3.2kg, fell down from the fifth floor, caused a comminuted fracture of left distal femur. We fixed the lateralfemur with BlueSAO PRCL-S6.5mmlocking plate and fixed the cranial femur with BlueSAO PRCL-S5mmlocking plate. The surgery was completedsuccessfully.This guy can walk the next day after surgery. Hope the guy recovery soon!

Thanks for Dr. Su from Jinan Leiou Animal Hospital of Shandong province bringing us the case.

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