2021 BlueSAO Peru PRCL、TPLO and DFO veterinary orthopedic workshop completed successfully


Warmly congratulate the three-day BlueSAO Veterinary Orthopedic Workshop in Huancayo City,Peru successfully concluded!

Thank Dr.Giuseppe Granados for the hard work with  the BlueSAO Peru team!

Expecting the next two BlueSAO TPLO and DFO workshop which will be held in the Peruvian capital Lima! Congratulations!


Today, at the world-famous "Rainless Capital" --- Lima City, Peru, BlueSAO veterinary Orthopedic workshop was officially held!  Here is the second international BlueSAO Workshop, held in Peru this year.

Thank you for the recognition and support of lecturers and veterinarians from Latin American countries!

Thank you for the hard work of BlueSAO Peru team!


On the second day of the BlueSAO veterinary Orthopedic Workshop in Lima City, Peru.

Veterinarians from Latin American countries went on a multi-subject practice on bone models in dry lab. 

when all the participants call out "BlueSAO" together, all the hard work is worthwhile. 

BlueSAO, let the world know the Chinese Small Animal Orthopedic!

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