BlueSAO Bailu invites you to the 16th East West Clinical Veterinary Association!


The 16th East West Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Teachers Conference is being held grandly at the Hangzhou International Expo Center!

As a leader in small animal orthopedic equipment, Anhui Bailu&Hefei Lunshuo are waiting for the arrival of all new and old friends at booth E28 of 3C Pavilion!

BlueSAO, with its excellent reputation and enthusiastic service in the industry, was watched from the beginning of the conference.

The exhibition gathered numerous talents from the industry to discuss the development trends within the industry.

Thank you very much to the veterinary friends from Malaysia and Indonesia for visiting and negotiating at the BlueSAO booth!

A professional sales team explains the products to customers one by one, ensuring that each customer can purchase their desired orthopedic equipment.

This conference has not only attracted the attention of veterinary doctors from all over the country, but also gained recognition from many experts in the industry!

A world-renowned small animal orthopedic professor attended this East West Conference, and he is Professor Bruno Perone.

Prof. Bruno Peirone is a full professor of orthopedics at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Turin, Dean of the Graduate School of Veterinary Surgery for Small Animals, and Director of the Clinical Teaching and Research Office of the Department of Veterinary Science.

Mr. Zhang Lifeng, Chairman of Anhui Bailu&Hefei Lunshuo, warmly welcomed Professor, former Chairman of AOVET Bruno Peirone explains the exhibits and communicates with each other.

Prof., former chairman of AOVET Bruno Peirone has praised us for our exquisite craftsmanship, excellent product quality, comprehensive after-sales service, and unique technical support!

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