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20210228 -【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A Bulldog, fixed with TPLO-S system successfully

Beijing Quanxinquanyi Chongai banlv Animal HospitalDr.Han2021-03-16 143

A Bulldog, 5 years old, male, 13kg, with rupturedcranial cruciate ligamentand grade 2 dislocation of the patella. Carry out trochlear groove deepening and TPLO surgical repair. During thesurgery, BlueSAO TPLO-S6.5mm special locking bone plate was used for internal fixation. The TPA was 33° before the surgeryand adjusted to 5° after the surgery. On the third day after surgery, the dog can walk with weight. Hope he will recover soon.

Thanks for Dr.Han from Beijing Quanxinquanyi Chongai banlv Animal Hospital bringing us the case.

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