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A Clinical Case Sharing of BlueSAO Bionic Hip Joint System in a Poodle — Dr. Tetsuaki Koreeda from Japan

JapanDr. Tetsuaki Koreeda2024-05-15 133

A Poodle, 10 months old, female, 17.1kg, suffered from bilateral hip dysplasia, and her owner chose China-made BlueSAO Bionic Hip Joint System from two brands of hip joint products in the United States and China for the THR surgery. The surgery on the right and left legs was performed on February 11, 2024 and April 7, 2024, respectively. Standard Poodle, 10mths old, Fs, 17.1kg Product: BlueSAO Bionic Hip Stem Il: #6 B-Cup: 21-16 U-Neck: M+0 Bolt: 16mm Date of surgery: Right: Feb.11.2024, Left: April, 7, 2024.


左右両側性の変形性骨関節症に、右側からBlueSao(中国)のBonic Hp人工股関節を用いて、股関節全置換術を行い、術後21日目。




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