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20201020-THR-Growth plate fracture of the femoral metaphysis caused by femoral head ischemia

Maoming Mingya Animal HospitalDr.Xu2020-11-11 88

A British Shorthair cat, the younger brother of The last cat, Xiaobai. They both suffer form the growth plate fracture of the femoral metaphysis caused by femoral head ischemia. Now he suffer form the bilateralfractureofthefemoral metaphysis and need two THR surgeries. Now Let me explain the cause of this disease.

The image features of the spontaneous bilateralgrowth plate fracture of the femoral metaphysis is the bone image loss of femoral neck(It means that the bone in this area is necrotic due to the loss of blood supply). Eventually it leads to fracture. Clinically, most animals will eventually have bilateral fractures. At first we may notice that the affected cat is inactive and walks with a slight limp. A fracture occurs when the bone is lost to a certain extent. As the condition continued to deteriorate, the cat’s joints became worse and he was unwilling to walk.

This type of epiphyseal fracture occurs mainly in younger or adult male cats after sterilization.Most of them were sterilized male cats aged 12 to 24 months. No species-specificity has been found. It means that the disease is related to delayed closure of growth plate caused by early sterilization.

For this disease, we recommend doing THR(total hip replacement)or FHO(Femoral Head Ostectomy). After fully understanding the difference between FHO and THR, the owner can choose a better therapeutic scheme in an acceptable situation.

In this THR surgery, we used #2 Stem, φ12mm Cup and φ+0Head. Allofthemcome from BlueSAO micro&Nano Hip Replacement System .

Thanks for Dr.Xu from Maoming Mingya Animal Hospital of Guangdong province bringing us the case.


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