The 14th Istanbul Veterinary Conference (KHVHD) was successfully concluded in 2019


At the end of the exhibition, the 14th Istanbul Veterinary Conference (KHVHD) will open tomorrow.

Bluesao -Turkey welcomes veterinarians from all over Turkey! 

On the first day of KHVHD, we came to the exhibition hall early.

Before the first class, our booth was full of doctors!

Our Turkish distributor’s product brochures were made with great care.

They brought us colorful chocolates are very delicious!

I like the learning atmosphere of the Turkish Veterinary Congress very much.

There are few doctors in the first class hall, and every big classroom with four or five hundred people is full,

even there are many doctors standing in the aisle! 

After class, the doctors who came to our booth to visit and consult continuously.

Although they came to Turkey for the first time to participate in the exhibition, many doctors warmly said to us:

Oh, I know BlueSao! Let's feel more cordial! 

Today is the second day of KHVHD, Istanbul. Fighting!

Turkey's KHVHD Veterinary Conference to date first gold medal from China.

Sponsor Brand:BlueSao   

Down to earth, continue to work hard!

At the end of today's Conference, we came to Turkey's prestigious Taksim square,

which coincides with the 81st anniversary of the death of Turkish father Kemal.

Many people came to the square to commemorate the flowers. 

Beside the square is the famous independent street, elegant buildings, ancient trams and leisurely crowds.
From time to time, the singing of street artists is full of exotic customs.

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