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20220331 -【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A Schnauzer, fixed with TPLO-S system successfully

Beijing Xiduomeng Animal HospitalDr.Li2022-04-28 71

A Schnauzer, 6 years old, male, 10Kg. Hewas admitted toourhospitalfor lameness, and the examination showed a positive drawer test and a positive tibial compression test, so hewasdiagnosedwithcruciate ligament rupture. TPA was 25 degrees. The BlueSAO TPLO-6.5mm-L pure titanium locking plate and a R15 saw blade were used during the surgery. The displacement was 5.2mm, and the postoperative TPA was 6 degrees.

Thanks for Dr.Lifrom Beijing XiduomengAnimal Hospital bringing us the case.

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