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20220322-【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A dog, fixed with T-shape locking plate of PRCL- S system successfully

Kunming Hengjia Animal Hospital of YunnanDr. Du2022-04-28 67

A dog called Huangdou, 10 years old, female, 4Kg. The pet owner said that the dog has been limping on the right hind limb for the past two weeks. Clinical examination revealed bilateral medial patellar luxation, positive drawer test of the right knee joint, and positive tibial impact test. Shewas diagnosed with rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament. Therefore it was decided to perform TPLO surgery. During the surgery, a R8saw blade was used, and the BlueSAO T-shape pure titanium locking plate of PRCL-S5mmwas used for fixation. The surgery went well, and we wish you a speedy recovery!

Thanks for Dr. Du from Kunming Hengjia Animal Hospital of Yunnan province bringing us the case.

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