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20220323-【Canine Hip Dysplasia】A Golden Retriever, THR surgery successfully

Kunming Hengjia Animal Hospital of YunnanDr. Du2022-04-28 463

A Golden RetrievercalledFumanduo, 1 year old, male, 30Kg. The dog has bilateral hip dysplasia.Hehad a total hip replacement on his left hip four months ago. The postoperative recovery was good, so thepetowner decided to perform hisright hip replacement. THR was performed using Universal Hip Replacement Systemof BlueSAO. Implants: 26mm biologicalcup, 16mm (+3) femoral head, #7 biologicalfemoral stem. Postoperative imaging examination showed that the angle of the acetabular cup was reasonable, the implantation of the femoral stem was well centralized, and the anteversion angle was reasonable.Wewishhim a speedy recovery.

Thanks for Dr. Du from Kunming Hengjia Animal Hospital of Yunnan province bringing us the case.

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